Why is it so hard to find cheap escorts in London?

I fly into London a lot, and it is nice to have a bit of sexy female companionship when you are a solo traveler. The truth is that I just to date a lot of cheap escorts in London, but now it is becoming more and more difficult to find some cheap companionship. The hourly rates of London escorts are way over the top, and there is no way I can afford to pay the top rates. I am sure that many gents who used to date cheap escorts in London, feel exactly the same way as I do at this point.

When did cheap escorts become VIP escorts?

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Cheap Escorts in London

One of the agencies that I had been using in east London, recently changed its status and became an elite escorts agency overnight. Well, how can you do that? I simply don’t understand how a ten day gap, can make the escorts agency into an elite agency? The last time I visited London, the agency was a cheap London escorts agency, now it is a VIP. The rates per hour have gone up astronomically, I am pretty sure the agency must have lost a lot of its gents. How can you triple the rates over night?

Looking at the agency’s web site, all of the girls are the same and I am not so sure if any of them have turned into VIP escorts. They still look like cheap escorts to me, and so do many other girls on the sites that I check out before I travel. I think that most of the time the agencies are just using VIP girls as a sales tactic, hoping to make more money per hour with their girls. But, I am not so sure if this is a strategy which is working. Quite the opposite is true, and most gents probably just walk away.

Why is it so expensive in London?

London is probably one of the most expensive capitals in the world to live and work in, and this is why it is so hard to find cheap escorts. Greedy landlords and owners of business are probably always putting their prices up, so running a cheap escorts services is not that easy any more. When I first started to visit London, it was easy to find cheap escorts, but things have certainly changed. The so called good old days will never return, and you will probably see more and more agencies put their prices up.

The thing is, it is now more expensive to date escorts in London than it is in New York. Back home in New York, I can actually pick up cheap escorts more easily, but if you want some cheap companionship in London, you do have to be prepared to hunt around for it. I do still date in London, but it can take me a while to find a cheap escorts service close to where I am staying. If you are prepared to travel, or pay for the girl to come to see you, you are more likely to find a cheap service.

Where can you find cheap escorts in London?

Cheap Escorts in London
Cheap Escorts in London are hard to find

If, you are still serious about finding cheap escorts in London, you need to concentrate away from central London. The girls in places like west London charge crazy prices, and there is no way that you are going to be able to find a cheap service in central London. Your best bet is to check out places like north London. The transport links to north London did not used to be so good, but a lot of that has changed now. It is now rally easy to get to north London, and I find the escorts services in this part of town excellent.

An alternative would be to check out south London. If you are into dating Black escorts, Brixton is the place to go and I do like a bit of Black action from time to time. The girls here are not like Black escorts in New York, Brixton girls are a lot classier and bags of fun to be with on a date. I use cheap escorts services in Brixton a lot, and so far I have never been disappointed.

What is the future for cheap escorts in London?

To tell you truth, I am not sure what is going to happen in London. I just can’t see that continued price rises are sustainable and in the end, lots of people are not going to be able to date in London. This is the one place on earth that used to be a bit of a mecca for cheap escorts but things have certainly changed. Now, even the Soho district of London is being affected, and large parts of it are being cleaned up as they like to say. I am not so sure what this is doing for London tourism.

I will still be traveling to London on business, and I guess that I will still be looking for some company when I am there. As long as I can find some cheap hot babes to date, I will be happy. If, I can’t find cheap escorts, I simply will not be able to afford to date in London anymore, and I am sure many gents feel the same way. It is all a bit sad, and it is almost like we are coming to the end of an era for escorts in London.

All in all, I think that too many cities around the world are being “cleaned up” and sanitized. Local governments are interfering too much and all of a sudden you end up with a city that looks like all of the other cities. It is not going to do a lot for tourism, because people are going to wonder why they travel for in the end. They may as well sat at home, and watch the Discovery channel. I am pretty sure that a lot of people are beginning to feel like that, and think traveling is not worth the expensive anymore.